March 16, 2018

MD.45 - The Craving (1996)

Country: U.S.A
Genre: Heavy Metal
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The thought hit me when I was listening to a ''Megadeth'' cd at home that Dave Mustaine had this side-project called ''MD.45''. I looked everywhere, in stores, I checked with my friends and after years of searching I finally got it. But I got the remastered edition where Dave himself stood for the new vocals which was a bit disappointing at first, the album sounded almost too similar to his main band ''Megadeth'' but when I got some songs from the original edition with the original singer Lee Ving I changed my mind. The original vocals sounded very odd and I think that it actually sounded better with Dave as the singer. The project is currently inactive. The original line-up was or is Lee Ving as vocalist, Dave Mustaine on the guitars (of course), Kelly Lemieux on the bass and former ''Megadeth'' - drummer Jimmy DeGrasso. All of you who have heard any ''Megadeth'' album will know how this remastered cd will sound like. Dave's voice is a clear case of Love-Or-Hate vocals, I like Dave's voice so I thought that this album was pretty enjoying. I also think that Dave is an excellent guitarist and he knows how to play the guitar in this album, the guitar work is some of the better if you ask me. The riffing is heavy, somewhat advanced and catchy most of the time, the rhythm sections are solid and the guitar solos is very similar to ''Megadeth'' - soloing. Kelly's bass is also very good in this album, it is loud and clear and is not overdone or to quiet, the bass lines are technical and is basically the same as Dave's guitars. Jimmy DeGrasso is doing really good in this album, actually I find his drumming very good compared to the time when he was playing in ''Megadeth'', the drum patterns has a good variety and the tempos are both slow and fast. - Full review here....

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