August 18, 2017

Magic Circle - Journey Blind (2015)

*A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.

Country: U.S.A
Genre: Doom Metal, Heavy Metal
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Review by Samantha "Samii" Mittelstaedt for
The bands insist to make a retro sound like BLACK SABBATH did in 70’s. And the public keep growing. Are they making a bad quality sound? No. But it’s easy to make a copy. The interesting is to make something different than everything you listen. To mark your name in Music history. Unfortunately, bands like MAGIC CIRCLE are taking exactly the same formula used in 70’s by SABBATH and re-creating new songs under it. They’re releasing their second album called “Journey Blind” by 20 Buck Spin Records in November this year. The artwork is very beautiful but nothing impressive and different than the album theme. The production is perfect and fits like the style needs. I can’t tell anything about the line-up. They’re very talented. But they could make anything more original than this. I’m pretty sure they’re got perfectly play it. The songs are like you listen “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” or the self-titled BLACK SABBATH album. As I told you – they don’t make a bad work, but this was making in the past and the comparisons will be done and will be unfair to this American quintet. The dark and mystic atmosphere it’s the same SABBATH used in the early years and if you like a trip in the time, you will like this new album from MAGIC CIRCLE. The highlights in this album are “The Damned Man”, “Lightning Cage”, and “Grand Deceivers”. They are making a faster and retro Rock or better called Stoner Rock and if you are a great fan from SABBATH you will enjoy it. Definitely, my personal taste could be influent here. I tried to be more impartial here. But I can’t like a band that doesn’t have an owner characteristic. If you like all the things I wrote above, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy “Journey Blind”. If you like me – you like more the talent plus originality – you won’t listen this band.

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