September 04, 2017

Big Daddy Kane - Long Live The Kane (1988)

Country: U.S.A
Genre: Hip-Hop
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© 1988 Cold Chillin' Records
AllMusic Review by Stanton Swihart
Even though he spends a good 90% of the album boasting about his skills and abilities on the microphone, and cutting those of other MCs, Big Daddy Kane consistently proves himself a thrilling artist on his debut album, Long Live the Kane, one of the most appealing creations from the original new school of rap. This debut captures the Big Daddy Kane who rocked the house at hip-hop clubs and verbally cut up any and all comers in the late '80s with his articulate precision and locomotive power -- the Big Daddy Kane who became an underground legend, the Big Daddy Kane who had the sheer verbal facility and razor-clean dexterity to ambush any MC and exhilarate anyone who witnessed or heard him perform. There are missteps here, to be sure -- especially "The Day You're Mine," on which Kane casts himself as a loverman over a stilted drum machine and lackluster, cheesily seductive singing (offering a glimpse of the particular corner into which he would eventually paint himself). But there are also plenty of legitimate early hip-hop classics, none of which have lost an ounce of their power, and all of which serve as reminders of a time and era when hip-hop felt immediate, exciting, fresh, and a little bit dangerous (in the figurative, rather than literal, sense), and when hip-hop spawned commercial tastes of the moment rather than surrendering to them. Although his next album would be nearly the artistic equal of the debut -- and, in many ways, even bettered it -- Big Daddy Kane would never sound as compelling or as fresh as on this first effort.

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  1. AnonymousMay 09, 2018

    Thanks for that classic album ! can we expect the 89' 90' & 91' album in the future ? peace.

    1. I'm still having problems with those 3 discs. 2 are badly scratched and 1 is suffering from disc rot. Will they be available eventually? Sure. I'm still trying to figure something out.

  2. AnonymousJune 07, 2018

    Could you please re-up the links are dead! Thanks!

    1. Sentinel is working on it. It will be fixed soon. 馃槈

  3. Both links have been updated. I added an AAC link as well.