September 26, 2017

Krokus - Pay It In Metal (1978)

*U.S. release. Unofficially released by Mercury Records No reissue date is provided in the CD booklet. The original album title is "Pain Killer" Both versions have identical track listings and track total (10 tracks total.)
Country: Switzerland
Language: English
Genre: Hard Rock
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.FLAC via Mega (Mirror Link)

© 1978-?? Mercury Records
AllMusic Review by Jason Anderson
Including its original Painkiller Europe-only artwork, Pay It in Metal had at least three covers, with the Mercury Records "Talking Banana" U.S. version being the one generally associated with this ten-song 1978 release. As the group was taking a distinctly heavier, fuzzier, more "metal" approach, perhaps this re-titling of Painkiller made good business sense as it suggested the crunchier sound of Marc Storace-fronted big-sellers like Metal Rendez-Vous and Headhunter. Instead, Pay It in Metal is distinctly un-metallic, with original vocalist Chris Von Rohr putting his best boogie foot forward on top of Fernando Von Arb's up-beat blues-rock and Southern-fried riffs. The hard-edged good-time rock on Pay It in Metal basically works, but withers when compared to masters of the era like AC/DC -- a group Krokus outwardly mimicked years later. Fans of '70s hard rock, curious about the genre's second-tier artists, would do better purchasing a dozen different April Wine and Triumph offerings before considering Pay It in Metal.              


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