September 26, 2017

Krokus - To Rock or Not To Be (2002 Reissue)

*Reissued in 2002 by CD-Maximum. Contains 1 bonus track and 13 tracks total.

Country: Switzerland
Language: English
Genre: Hard Rock
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© 1995-2002 CD-Maximum
AllMusic Review by Jason Anderson
The first recording in years to feature classic Krokus members Marc Storace (on vocals) and guitarist/songwriter Fernando Van Arb (who together led the group to the top of the '80s metal heap during the Headhunter Blitz period), To Rock or Not to Be was a successful return to form for the Nordic metal veterans. Storace's Bon Scott impersonation actually seems to have improved with age, and on tracks like "Flying Through the Night," it's almost impossible not to think that the AC/DC screamer hasn't risen from the dead. The overall effect is enhanced by Van Arb's direct approach to power chording and song construction. Too many pseudo power metal choruses and unforgivable lyrics on tracks like the title cut and "Stop the World" keep the record from being the genuinely cool tribute to the band's early (and derivative) crunch that it should be. Considering how many years separated Krokus from their gold and platinum days, however, To Rock or Not to Be is a respectable disc that fans of the group may very well enjoy.

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