September 13, 2017

Melanie C - Beautiful Intentions (2005)

*German release. Contains 13 tracks.
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock
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© 2005 Red Girl/313 Music
AllMusic Review by Matthew Chisling
Beautiful Intentions, the third solo album by former Spice Girl Melanie C, marked a turning point in the big-voiced pop star's career; it was the first album released on Melanie's own label, Red Girl Records, following her departure from Virgin Records. Thus, Melanie C was finally allowed to don the name "Indie Spice," which she had lingering around her for some time already. The new creative control that Melanie C had over her album broadened her horizons considerably; Melanie allowed herself to fly more freely on Intentions, giving her solo music -- which was always rock-tinged pop music -- a sharp new look. On Beautiful Intentions, Melanie C developed her style into an aggressive pop-angled album boasting heavy beats with dramatic rock swings doused in musical cyclones of energy. She borrowed qualities from other heavy-talented rock divas such as Anastacia to produce a more bombastic sampling this time around. Individually, the majority of the songs were well suited for radio, with strong lyrical support, thanks to Melanie, who co-wrote all but one track on the album. What's most exciting is how, on the album's choice ballads, Melanie C actually soars over the music and kicks Spice booty with terrific vocals; the poignant "First Day of My Life" is the strongest individual track, as Melanie glimmers with poise over simple yet classy music. Tracks like "Next Best Superstar" and "Beautiful Intentions" showcase Melanie C best in the pop light, and the remaining ten tracks all support her stunning voice with contemporary rock synthesized with pure pop. The final product is simply dazzling; and Beautiful Intentions is without a doubt the strongest solo album by any of the Spice Girls. Truth be told, it was one of the strongest solo pop albums of 2005, regardless of artist.

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