September 03, 2017

T.T. Quick - Metal of Honor (1996 Reissue) ☠

*Reissued in 1996 by Megaforce Records. A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.

Country: U.S.A
Genre: Heavy Metal
.FLAC via Mega (Link)
.FLAC via Mega (Mirror Link)

© 1986-1996 Megaforce Worldwide
Reviewed by Hard Rock Hide
With the recent announcement of T.T. Quick front man joining Accept, I wanted to break my copy of T.T. Quick’s Debut CD, Metal of Honor.  After a couple of listens to this CD, I could definitely hear Tornillo fronting Accept.  He can scream with the best of them. Not to lose focus, the music on “Metal of Honor” is definitely worth talking about.This music on this CD is crazy good in my opinion. Mark Tornillo’s vocals are awesome, and David Dipietro (who is known for teaching Zakk Wylde and Dave “The Snake” Sabo how to play guitar) dishes out some  awesome metal licks on his guitar.  I really like his guitar tone a lot.
Metal of Honor if full of  heavy anthems that will appeal to fans of classic metal. Every time I listen to this disc, I like it a little bit more.  I can’t figure out why a band with music this good is so tragically under rated.  There are elements in their music that remind me of bands like Krokus, Lizzy Borden and Whitesnake. The bottom line is, it is all good.  Regardless if the band slows it down, or rocks out, they deliver the goods on “Metal of Honor”. This CD is highly recommended for all fans of hard rock and metal music.

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