October 31, 2017

Halford - Metal God Essentials Vol.1 (Limited Edition) (2007)

*U.K. release. Contains a second disc with 4 bonus tracks.

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Heavy Metal
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AllMusic Review by Greg Prato
While he'll always be known first and foremost as the prototypical heavy metal frontman of Judas Priest, Rob Halford spent much of the '90s away from the group (before returning in the early 21st century). During this time, the singer certainly didn't go silent, as he launched several projects -- the Pantera-esque Fight, the Nine Inch Nails-esque Two, and ultimately, a return to his Priest roots, Halford. The 16-track compilation, 2007's Metal God Essentials, Vol. 1, contains highlights from two of these three Halford-led groups (Two is the only project nowhere to be found here). But this is not a straight-ahead best-of set, as the majority of the tracks from the Fight era ("Into the Pit," "Nailed to the Gun," "War of Words") are demo recordings. And while another demo, "Silent Screams," shows the metal god in a tranquil mood, the majority of the tracks here are good old-fashioned, speaker melting metal, as evidenced by the inclusion of such ditties as "Made in Hell," "Golgotha," and "Locked and Loaded." Also included is a pair of all-new Halford tracks, "Forgotten Generation" and "Drop Out" (which serves as a sneak peak of the forthcoming Halford release).

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