January 24, 2018

The GZA - Liquid Swords (1995)

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Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
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AllMusic Review by Steve Huey
Often acclaimed as the best Wu-Tang solo project of all, Liquid Swords cemented the Genius/GZA's reputation as the best pure lyricist in the group -- and one of the best of the '90s. Rich in allusions and images, his cerebral, easy-flowing rhymes are perhaps the subtlest and most nuanced of any Wu MC, as underscored by his smooth, low-key delivery. The Genius' eerie calm is a great match for RZA's atmospheric production, which is tremendously effective in this context; the kung fu dialogue here is among the creepiest he's put on record, and he experiments quite a bit with stranger sounds and more layered tracks. Not only is RZA in top form, but every Clan member makes at least one appearance on the album, making it all the more impressive that Liquid Swords clearly remains the Genius' showcase throughout. All of his collaborators shape themselves to his quietly intimidating style, giving Liquid Swords a strongly consistent tone and making it an album that gradually slithers its way under your skin. Mixing gritty story-songs and battle rhymes built on elaborate metaphors (martial arts and chess are two favorites), the Genius brings his lyrical prowess to the forefront of every track, leaving no doubt about how he earned his nickname. Creepily understated tracks like "Liquid Swords," "Cold World," "Investigative Reports," and "I Gotcha Back" are the album's bread and butter, but there's the occasional lighter moment ("Labels" incorporates the names of as many record companies as possible) and spiritual digression ("Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth"). Overall, though, Liquid Swords is possibly the most unsettling album in the Wu canon (even ahead of Ol' Dirty Bastard), and it ranks with Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) and Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx as one of the group's undisputed classics.

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  1. Why can"t I change the artist name from "The GZA" to just "GZA" using an mp3 tagger

    1. Did you click "Save Tag" after you changed it?

  2. Yes. A million times. The problem is if I tried to change it to anything else it works. For example if I change it from "The GZA" to "Inspectah Deck" it will work. But if I change it from "The GZA" to just "GZA" it doesn't work. This also happens with Jay-Z when I try to change his name from "Jay-Z" to "JAY-Z".

    1. For the FLAC or for the AAC files? Why would you want to change it? It's sorted so that you don't have to make the changes yourself. Why would you want "JAY-Z" instead of "Jay-Z"?

  3. For aac. I wanted to do it because that's how it was on spotify, so I thought that's how it is supposed to be. But forget about it, I don't want to change anything now.Thanks for trying to help.

    1. The AAC files are sorted specifically for mobile/iPhone devices. The reason for kit is because how android and iPhone handle the tags and sorting. An example would be how both devices handle "A Tribe Called Quest" Because the word "A" is present first, both Android & iPhone will list them as "Tribe Called Quest" and file the group under "T" instead of "A" The same applies for The Roots. It's done for convenience and to eliminate all of the separate excess entries that are created when a featured artist is present. To eliminate this or change it, you can use MP3 Tag or iTunes.

      In MP3 Tag, highlight all of the files then right click and select "Extended tags" Scroll down until you see "ALBUMARTISTSORT" & ARTISTSORT" If you want to change it to "GZA" edit these tags then click ok.

      In iTunes which is easier in my opinion, drag the into iTunes the highlight all of the files. Then right click and select "Get Info" On the top tabs menu, click "Sorting" From there, look for "album artist" "sort as" & look for "artist" & "sort as" Change these to just "GZA" if you wish and click "ok" The artist entry will now be sorted as "GZA" under the letter "G"

      - Here's some screenshots.