February 19, 2018

Crucified Barbara - Til Death Do Us Party (2009)

Country: Sweden
Language: English
Genre: Hard Rock
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Reviewed By Justin Donnelly for The Metal Forge.com
When Stockholm (Sweden) based outfit Crucified Barbara released their debut full-length album ‘In Distortion We Trust’ in 2005, the four piece act proved that despite plenty of cynicism, they were more than capable of delivering quality heavy rock and roll.
In the four years since then, the band has been building up a considerable following with tours alongside acts such as Motörhead, Sepultura and In Flames in support of the album.
Now returning with their long awaited sophomore effort ‘‘Til Death Do Us Party’ finally seeing the light of day, one questions whether the band (comprising of vocalist/lead guitarist Mia Coldheart, rhythm guitarist/backing vocalist Klara Force, bassist Ida Evileye and drummer/backing vocalist Nicki Wicked) have what it takes to keep the momentum of their debut rocking hard, or totally disappoint.
In simple terms, Crucified Barbara proves that their debut was no fluke, with ‘‘Til Death Do Us Party’ sounding angrier, heavier and overall musically stronger than their debut ever did!
The opening track ‘Killer On His Knees’ certainly grabs your attention with its heavy riffing and mean spirited (yet catchy) chorus, while the driving ‘Pain And Pleasure’ and the album’s first single/promotional video clip ‘Sex Action’ helps keep the band’s brand of heavy rock ever-flowing.
Although a strong song for the most part, the darker sounding ‘Creatures’ is marred a little with its additional keyboard effects, which only works at cheapening the overall aggressive sound of the song. But things pick up immensely with the semi-acoustic ‘Jennyfer’, which features a great duet between Coldheart and album producer/vocalist Mats LevĂ©n (Therion/Yngwie J. Malmsteen/Krux/Abstrakt Algebra), while Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell helps out on the metallic sounding ‘Dark Side’.
Both ‘Can’t Handle Love’ and ‘Danger Danger’ are definite potential candidates as the second single to be lifted off the album with their infectious choruses and high octane backing vocals, while ‘Rats’ and ‘Feels Like Death’ finish off the album in an explosive manner.
‘In Distortion We Trust’ was undeniably a solid debut effort. But with ‘‘Til Death Do Us Party’, Crucified Barbara have taken their sound to a whole new level.
It took the band four years to get around to releasing a new album, but it’s been well worth the wait. ‘‘Til Death Do Us Party’ is quite possibly the best hard rock album of 2009!

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