February 15, 2018

My Dying Bride - Like Gods of The Sun (1996)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Doom Metal
Style: Death/Doom
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AllMusic Review by Jason Anderson
Dismal and dark as usual, Like Gods of the Sun contains all the essential My Dying Bride characteristics. While there is nothing this record specifically lacks with regard to execution, there is nothing new or interesting about it either and, generally, the 1994 release is considered one of the band's lesser offerings. Hardly unlistenable, there are a few nice moments on this record, most notably during "A Kiss to Remember" and "For My Fallen Angel." Despite these musical highlights, My Dying Bride seems a little disinterested on Like Gods of the Sun. The bandmembers had honed their goth death-doom to an art for sure, but the group's best ideas had all been used by the time this record hit the streets in 1994. Like Gods of the Sun boasts some of the best production to date for the band, but the songwriting is flat, which leaves this record toward the bottom of My Dying Bride's list of releases that are worth the purchase price.

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