February 14, 2018

Steel Panther - Lower The Bar (Deluxe Edition) (2017)

*Contains 2 bonus tracks. 13 tracks total.
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Glam Metal
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Review by By Andrew Bansal for Metal Assault.com
Glam metal comedy/parody kings Steel Panther are veterans in their own right, toiling hard on the Sunset Strip week upon week for several years before breaking through as a global phenomenon. With an unbeatable combination of solid musicianship, skilled lyric writing and immaculate comedic timing, Steel Panther became one of the greatest bands on the planet. They started out as Metal Shop, then became Danger Kitty, then Metal Skool and finally Steel Panther, but the essence of the band remained the same throughout, only their songs and live shows got funnier. On March 2017, they released their new album ‘Lower the Bar’, a collection of 11 brand new songs that further spread their signature gospel of sleazy humor and glam metal. ‘Lower the Bar’ opens all guns blazing with the hilarious ‘Goin’ in the Backdoor’, kicks into overdrive with ‘Anything Goes’, and from then on, the Steel Panther glam comedy train just keeps a rollin’ with one instant classic after another. ‘Poontang Boomerang’ is a glorious nod to Warrant’s ‘Cherry Pie’, while ‘That’s When You Came In’ is a ballad-like tune that’s sure to become a hit at first listen purely by its lyrics and is one of the highlights of this entire record, and from the first few songs itself it’s clear that Steel Panther are doing anything but lowering the bar. Full review here....

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