February 19, 2018

The Hazytones - The Hazytones (2016) (WEB) ☠

Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Doom Metal
Style: Traditional Doom
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© 2016 Self Released
Review by "Gruesome Greg" for Hellbound.ca
It seems that there hasn’t been a solid heavy rock outfit outta Montreal since Priestess was in its prime. Enter The Hazytones, a stoner power trio that just got picked up by Ripple Music. Their self-titled debut offers 40 minutes of heavy tuneage to burn one to!
“Light of the Day” starts things off with a hazy psychedelic groove, ahead of a tasty retro riff in the Witchcraft vein. It’s a pretty straightforward Swedish-style stomp, with a decidedly distorted vocal. “Fool’s Paradise” is a little more up-tempo, with a vocal that kinda reminds me of Ghost. The heavy breakdowns that kicks in around the 1:15 mark, signals a shift to slower, shimmery psych ahead of a slightly heavier chorus.
Like most bands with the psychedelic space, these guys seem to dabble in the occult. “Free From Your Spell” is a jaunty number that again brings Witchcraft (or even Blood Ceremony) to mind, while “Marked by the Devil” is a slow, haunting tune that contains a couple decent doomy riffs. “Day of the Dead” has a definite Jim Morrison vibe on the verse, although the soaring chorus brings things back toward the present day.
Basically, if you’re a fan of the Swedish occult rock scene, you’ll very likely enjoy this.

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