March 08, 2018

Annihilator - Annihilator (2010)

Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Thrash Metal
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Review by Steel Druhm for
No metal band has managed to frustrate and baffle me as consistently as Annihilator has over their long career. Their 1989 debut album Alice in Hell was a classic in the thrash genre and showed a band brimming with talent and energy. Founder, lead songwriter and guitarist Jeff Waters was hailed as a rising star and someone to watch closely. Since then, Annihilator has struggled mightily to live up to the hype garnered by their debut, and their subsequent albums have come nowhere near that level of quality. In fact, many of those albums were either complete disasters (Refresh the Demon, Remains, All for You) or near disasters (Set the World on Fire, Metal). Each time a new Annihilator release was set to drop, I would pray for greatness and a return to form but mostly get mediocrity. Now it’s 2010 and we get their thirteenth album, simply titled Annihilator, and again the goods are not delivered.

Annihilator squarely falls into the disaster camp of bad albums by the once proud Canadian unit. With nearly three years in which to write new material since 2007’s Metal, Mr. Waters has seen fit to deliver track upon track of speedy yet utterly bland, boring and empty new-age thrash. Although Mr. Waters is known for his guitar wizardry, the bulk of Annihilator is composed of standard issue, reheated thrash riffs without much in the way of originality or impact. Full review here.

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