March 21, 2018

Virgin Steele - The House of Atreus: Act II (2000)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Heavy Metal
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Well, I'm always speechless lately when I listen Virgin Steele music... and I'm not surpised at all by the quality of this new opus. David Defeis is someone, he's really someone, I never met him and never had the opportunity to talk to him yet and I strongly hope that I get the chance to congratulate him for his genius... I deeply respect him, that's for sure !
This is not far from the perfect album... It's better than Act 1, and almost as good as Invictus, which for me IS the perfect release no questions asked :). House Of Atreus are metal operas (in two parts), actually Barbaric Romantic operas. And that's really that, I mean you get a lot of feelings and warmth from David clean vocals, like the guy is an angel or something (really !!!) and such aggressivity on his harder vocal parts. Like Pretty Maids singer, he can alternate clean and aggressive vocal, but the range is simply huge, like I said, it could be contrasted to angel and demon. Simply amazing, one of my favorite singers now !
House Of Atreus Part Two is the continuation of Act 1 but with less instrumental / story moments... everything or almost are songs now... and that's way better I'd say. And you get music for your money, 2 CDs !!! more than 90 minutes of music... I still can't believe it... Virgin Steele became one of my favorite bands right after Invictus and still are. This is a real metal opera piece if you ask me, and if you want to know what it felt to live in Greek old ages, with plots, betrayals, murders and playing with the Gods, then Virgin Steele is the band you are seeking for. But be prepared to be knocked on your feet, just like Zeus on mount Olympus, cause I'm sure David's voice is disturbing his sleep :) !
Two thumbs up !! I kneel and pledge allegiance to metal and to Virgin Steele ! The metal opera as seen in the divine vision of David Defeis requires the listener full attention, you might not like it on the first time unless you really listen to the music. Even so, I think this opus is a lot more accessible than the previous one though (because there's less intrumental/speech than Act 1). For me it's a buy-or-die-ignorant album and one of the best releases of this year.

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