April 29, 2018

Europe - Last Look At Eden (2009)

Country: Sweden
Language: English
Genre: Hard Rock
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AllMusic Review by Greg Prato
You can always count on good ol' Europe to supply grandiose and bombastic rock of the highest order (did any song score higher on the "arena rock-o-meter" than "The Final Countdown" back in the '80s?). After reuniting for good in the early 21st century, the group -- which is still led by one-time "golden god" vocalist Joey Tempest -- has been issuing albums on a regular basis, and 2009 saw their third disc since reuniting, Last Look at Eden. The "anticipation" builds with a string-heavy "Prelude" before leading into the epic Zeppelin-meets-symphony rock of the title track. Elsewhere, you'll find songs that sound like they could have been plucked off of a modern-day Whitesnake album ("Gonna Get Ready"), the obligatory sappy power ballad ("New Love in Town"), and Zeppelin-like grooves that would make Kingdom Come green with envy ("Mojito Girl," "Only Young Twice," "U Devil U," etc.). Last Look at Eden sounds exactly as you would picture a Europe album to be in 2009 -- for better of for worse.

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