April 22, 2018

Europe - Prisoners In Paradise (1991)

Country: Sweden
Language: English
Genre: Hard Rock
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© 1991 Epic Records
Reviewed by Demons Zone.com
During a period where you were either swallowing Bon Jovi or injecting heroine in Seattle, real good bands were being overlooked as they churned out some great material. Def leppard’s Slang comes to mind. How about W.A.S.P.’S The Crimon Idol or in this case Europe’s Prisoners In Paradise.
This album was released after an excellent Out Of This World and during the time where their popularity was dwindling away. The album has a radio friendly American sound. That suggests a very bad thing, especially for a rock band but in this case it simply makes the bands music sound very cheery.
The album kicks off with the bouncy “All Or Nothing” and “Halfway To Heaven”. Tuneful sing-a-long songs with some heavy guitar work. “I’ll Cry For You”, is a wonderful ballad. Kee Mercello’s guitar tone on this song is godly as he plays some beautiful melodic solos, very reminiscent of Brian May from Queen. “Got Your Mind In The Gutter” has an excellent guitar riff as does “Little Bit of Lovin'”. The album is absolutely stuffed with head bopping tracks.
It may not be the bands most original material, but it is superbly crafted. Prisoners in Paradise features some excellent production that really brings out the harsh guitar tones and bluesy, soulful vocals. It is clear that a band like Europe has more talent in one finger then most bands at the time. Why anyone would listen to Nirvana or Poison when you can have something this well made is beyond me.
Sadly the album did not sell that well in most countries with the change in fashion and the band soon called it quits until 2004’s “Start From The Dark. The end of an era for the band and a waste of some magnificent potential.

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