April 29, 2018

Vixen - Tangerine (1998)

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Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hard Rock, Grunge
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AllMusic Review by Jason Ankeny
Eight long years after Rev It Up, Vixen return with a recording of all new material dubbed Tangerine. In the interim, the group's pop-metal sound has changed only imperceptibly, so if you liked Vixen before, Tangerine will be right up your alley; if you didn't, this new record will do nothing to change your mind.

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  1. thanks a million guys! i've been looking everywhere for this one! its so grungy compared to the first 2 ­čść anyway thanks again

  2. This album is definitely INFERIOR to the first ones. The glam metal sound and influence has gone away, which is why this one sounds so dull. Also, the golden age of hard rock and heavy metal (the 80's) was over, and this album, which was recorded almost 10 years later - during the 90's - , suffered from the fact that this kind of hair metal music was out of fashion at that particular time. While "Edhge of a Broken Heart" and "Rev It Up" were great, this album is just average...