May 18, 2018

Pretty Boy Floyd - Bullets & Lipstik (1989)

Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Glam Metal
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© 1989 Bellaphon
Reviewed by Jeff for Metal
What I'd like to do first is start the review off by giving a little back story as to how I discovered Pretty Boy Floyd's album, "Bullet's And Lipstik".....
Back in 1989, during my days at the college radio station, I first became familiar with Pretty Boy Floyd's debut album, "Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz". It was a commercial metal/rock album that was a cross between Poison and Motley Crue. It had lots of songs with catchy choruses and a production where the guitar sound was heavy and rockin'.
After that album I was very anxious as to what the next one would sound like. I didn't hear or get much feedback as to when another album would be released.
One day I was searching through a CD catalog called Sound City 2000, which specialized in both domestic and import CD's. I was looking in the P section and saw "Pretty Boy Floyd ii". Immediately I thought, "WOW, Pretty Boy Floyd has a new album. Maybe I didn't hear about it because it's an import". So without hesitiation, I ordered it.........
When I first received the CD, I put it in my player. As soon as the first song started playing, I realized something. The music didn't sound anything like the first Pretty Boy Floyd album, "Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz". I then looked at the CD booklet and noticed that the band members looked nothing like the guys on "Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz". The guys on this album were dressed in gangster like attire; ties, button down shirts, hats reminiscent of the gangsters such as Pretty Boy Floyd. I then took a closer look at the credits and saw that their fan club and merchandising was based out of Canada. In the end, I realized that this was a totally different band from the one that came from the LA Metal scene. Over time, "Bullets And Lipstik" grew on me to the point that I like it almost as much as Pretty Boy Floyd's (LA) "Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz"
Pretty Boy Floyd (Canada) consisted of Sandy Hazard (drums), Tommy Floyd (vocals), Steve Bratz (bass) and Pete Parker (guitar). "Bullets And Lipstik" was released in 1989 on Bellaphon Records out of West Germany. It was recorded and mixed live at Gangster Studios in Vancouver, Canada. The live studio recording of "Bullets And Lipstik" gives it a raw and natural sound. Most of the guitar solo's are unaccompanied by a rhythm guitar. The music on "Bullets And Lipstik" is a cross between AC/DC, Kix and Ratt. The guitar player uses a power chord style that is similar to CC Deville of Poison. There's even some double bass drumming on a few of the songs like "4 For The Road" and "Proud To Be Loud". The titles of each song are part of the main choruses, which help the listener become familiar with the songs that much quicker. The lyrical content and rhyming is somewhat simple and corny; songs about women, booze, playing in a band, etc. It's sleaze rock ala Faster Pussycat.
I was glad that I discovered Pretty Boy Floyd's "Bullets And Lipstik" by accident. It's too bad that this release didn't get more publicity as it is very underated and went almost unoticed. The the tail end of the 80's and the rise of Grunge music diminished the interest and attention that Commercial Rock/Metal was getting in the United States.
I must say that if you are into Commercial Rock/Metal like Motley Crue, Ratt, Faster Pussycat, Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd (LA), than "Bullets And Lipstik" is a true diamond in the rough worth searching for. My guess is that it is long out of print.

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