June 07, 2018

Modern Talking - Alone (1999)

Country: Germany
Language: English
Genre: Pop
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AllMusic Review by Bradley Torreano
Modern Talking is one of the better-known outfits in European techno-pop, and on Alone the group delivers another batch of technologically advanced ditties. Utilizing all the elements of techno music, Modern Talking comes off as an ABBA-esque group of sugary sweet songwriters who make the most inoffensive music this side of the Carpenters. They have their obvious issues with being too simple and naïve, which may turn off a good part of their potential audience. On the other hand, there is no safer brand of pop for younger audiences, making this a recommendation for parents looking to get something from this brand of pop music for a young teen. It probably won't be what they want, but few other audiences will appreciate this music outside of techno-pop fanatics and there are few albums that use the word "sexy" as much as this does that are so harmless.

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