August 13, 2018

Biohazard - Uncivilization (Limited Edition) (2001)

*European limited edition. Contains 3 bonus tracks. 16 tracks total.
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hardcore
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.AAC 256 kbps via Mega (Link)

© 2001 SPV, Steamhammer Records
AllMusic Review by Jason D. Taylor
Biohazard's 2001 release, Uncivilization, seemingly picks up where New World Disorder left off, with the guys escalating their style of thuggish hardcore while exploring different musical textures. The album opens with the disc's first single, "Sellout," a rough punk/metal hybrid underlined with rich, meaty grooves. "Uncivilization" brings to mind old-school Biohazard, with singalongs and a scorching guitar solo that should please any die-hard metal extremist. One of the disc's best songs is "Wide Awake," a track laced with that thug rap that Biohazard has embraced in the past but without any smug posturing common to most mainstream rapcore. Unfortunately the disc veers off shortly thereafter, meandering into song after song of special guest appearances. Those guests include the almighty Phil Anselmo from Pantera, Hatebreed's Jamie Jasta, and even a few of the Slipknot crew, yet their appearances tend to draw from the album instead of enhance it. The end result is an album that is less an example of one band's continuous ability to rock while purveying street-smart messages at the same time, and more of a chance for Biohazard to jam with their fellow friends in the music industry. This makes for an enjoyable album, but is a bit disappointing for a fan looking for another solid block in Biohazard's legacy of hardcore. The songs on Uncivilization that are strictly Biohazard may be some of the band's best material, but ultimately the overflow of guests hinder what could otherwise be a cornerstone in Biohazard's lengthy career.

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