October 26, 2018

Heavy Bones - Heavy Bones (1992)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hard Rock
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© 1992 Reprise Records
Review by mrgeorgecraven for Melodic-Hard Rock.com
Heavy Bones is a early 90’s semi-supergroup. Containing Joel Ellis on vocals (ex- Cats In Boots), Frankie Banali on drums (ex-just about everyone in the 80’s), and rounding it out with guitar hero Gary Hoey and bassist Rex Tenison. Frankie Banali, is of course the most recognizable from his days in Quiet Riot, while the other three all tasted different levels of success in the previous decade.
The most misleading thing about Heavy Bones is their name. First of all, they aren’t very heavy at all, they are a melodic rock band in every sense of the term. I’m not sure if other reviewer’s took their name too seriously or what, but these guys weren’t trying to be Pantera on this record. In fact, they sound more like a mixture of early Aerosmith and maybe some Journey sprinkled in for good measure, while relying quite heavily on a blues-rock basis. I do also agree with the other reviewer that stated, “Maybe if they had a better band name, and better cover artwork, they would have been a little more well recieved”. Well maybe, and then again maybe not. It was 1992 remember, and most melodic rock was being, or already was washed far away from the public eye. All things aside though, Heavy Bones released a pretty solid melodic rock record for the year it was released. I won’t lie, not every song is killer, but there are some gems here. Songs like “4 A.M. T.M.”, “Where The Livin’ Is Easy”, “Turn It On”, “Summers In The Rain” and “The Hand That Feeds” are all solid and keep the record kicking throughout.
If your looking for a sound that any of these guys previously made in other bands, look somewhere else. Heavy Bones are their own band. They didn’t rely on previous musical exploits to further their cause. I suggest you buy it and check it out for yourself, you may be surprised!

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