October 23, 2018

Shakespear's Sister - Hormonally Yours (1992)

Country: United Kingdom/U.S.A.
Genre: Pop Rock, Pop
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© 1992 London Records
AllMusic Review by Tom Demalon
In keeping with the album's title, inspired by the pregnant state of the duo, Shakespear's Sister's second album is prone to mood swings and a flair for the dramatic. It's a vibe that benefits from the contrast between the throaty vocals of Siobahn Fahey and the falsetto flutter of Marcella Detroit. Hormonally Yours is a wonderful, charming album marred only by a few weak lyrics. Still, there is hardly a song that isn't engaging from the first listen. "Goodbye Cruel World" is infectious alternative pop. "I Don't Care" is bouncy and resilient, and "Let Me Entertain You" has a new wave feel and sardonic lyrics. "Catwoman" has a T. Rex swagger to it and "Hello (Turn Your Radio On)" is a stellar glam-tinged ballad with a dreamy chorus. They edge closer to dance on the disco ball funk of "Are We in Love Yet?" and the sultry, R&B-laced "Emotional Thing." Everything was lost in the wake of the lovely, dramatic "Stay," a global smash. It all adds up to make Hormonally Yours a beautifully quirky, emotionally rich, and nearly flawless pop record.

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