November 16, 2018

Ocean Colour Scene - One From The Modern (1999)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Alternative Rock, Folk Rock
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© 1999 Island Records
Review by Graham Vine for Home Theater
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and much the same must apply to album reviews - ears, ye know. For as I was about to begin these words, I caught sight of another review of "One From The Modern", and where I give the album 9 out of ten, that other critic gave 2! How can this be? The vocals are excellent - something of the character of George Harrison's voice at his most plaintive. The songs are interesting - varied topics, not just 'boy meets girl' etc etc. The production is varied - plenty of dynamics and use of texture. No, that other 'critic' is just plain wrong!
I am pleased to report that one of the best songs from the album, "Profit In Peace" has been lifted as a single. It's a song that builds from a simple single vocal plus guitar into quite an intricate production with supporting harmonies and additional instrumentation. Even so, the essentially simple melody is clear the whole time, making the point of the song even more directly.
Instrumentally, there are no virtuoso performances, though there are some interesting sections played on church organ, harmonium, and sitar. But we don't buy these albums just to hear a few individuals showing-off with their break-neck speed fingering on their guitars. We want to hear a well-blended group, sounding like a team producing a coherent work that is pleasurable, evocative, and thoughtful. We enjoy wanting to play it again. That's what I've been telling my friends about this new Ocean Colour Scene release. 

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