December 07, 2018

Nosferatu - Wonderland (2011)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Gothic Rock
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Review by Miranda Yardley for
It’s been over a decade since Nosferatu released ‘ReVamped’ and as such ‘Wonderland’ marks the first album since the return of vocalist Louis DeWray. Nosferatu are not ones to sit back and relax, the last ten years have seen appearances on a variety of compilations and the release of Ramones’ cover ‘Somebody Put Something In My Drink’.
Nosferatu have crafted an enjoyable but not instantly memorable album in the shape of ‘Wonderland’. Whilst the likes of ‘Horror Holiday’ and ‘Silver’ contain enough bombastic hooks and catchy sing-a-long choruses to keep most gothic rockers happy, there are other less notable tracks serving as little more than filler including the atmospheric but ultimately pointless interlude ‘Jackal’. It’s a pity that Nosferatu included a forty second interlude and a cover they released six years ago on an album that’s only ten tracks long.
At their best Nosferatu deliver fun, energetic gothic rock with the grace and morbid beauty associated with The Sisters of Mercy. Whilst there isn’t anything particularly wrong with ‘Wonderland’ there isn’t anything that stands up and demands to be noticed. With innovative bands such as O. Children emerging onto the goth scene it’s a pity that stalwarts Nosferatu have produced an album that’s merely ok.

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