The Microsoft/PC/Indian Tech Scam

A PC tech scam refers to any class of telephone fraud activities in which a scammer claims to offer a legitimate technical support service through cold calls to unsuspecting users. These kinds of scams are mostly targeted at Microsoft Windows users due to the high number of users the operating system has all over the world. The origins of this scam go back as early as 2008. The primary country behind these scams is India via it's call centers which is why many users on various message boards across the internet often refer to it as "The Indian Tech Scam".

A scammer will typically attempt to get the victim to allow remote access to their computer. This is usually done by displaying a false virus warning web page made to look like an authentic Microsoft error page with a telephone number displayed. Should the victim call the phone number and allow remote access to his or her machine, the scammer will proceed to lock the victim out of the PC by using the "Syskey" feature (if one is using the Windows operating system) often without the victim's consent or knowledge. The victim will then be offered false technical support services which later results in the scammers charging very high fees to "clean" and "repair" the victim's PC. Payments for these bogus services are made and accepted through Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards or Apple Gift Cards. In the case of the gift cards, reputable companies like Apple and Microsoft do not accept them as payment nor would they ever ask for such a payment method.

Although the images tend to look authentic, they are actually harmless. The most obvious signs that these are scams are poor English grammar, spelling errors, non existent error messages and non existent error codes (eg. "Blue Screen Error, code: 000xxx145") With the recent inclusion of Windows Defender being made as a standard built in feature into the Windows operating system, Microsoft has not and will not call or display a phone number on a random internet webpage to their customers should their PC's have become infected with a virus. Anti-virus software today is also readily available with many companies like Avast, AVG etc... offering free antivirus software downloads from their respective websites.

We've compiled a beautiful little gallery for all of our visitors on some of the most common scam pages you'll see, ranging from the Windows operating system, to the mobile OS's like Android -- that's right. There's a version on Android as well! Even an iOS version exists! Although we've asked our visitors for help in regards to reporting these scam pages (and we thank you for your participation) we've now decided to take this matter into our own hands. We're currently reporting all of these scam pages to Google's Safe Browsing page. We're dedicated to giving you the best experience possible when browsing our site. We only ask that you read this article thoroughly and to remain safe online. Never call any of those phone numbers and never give away any personal information online. Avast and AVG offer great anti-virus software -- for free! Enjoy the gallery and thank you all for your continued support.

- Sentinel for (Posted on 10/29/2018)

The Windows version
Windows tablet/mobile version
The MacBook/iOS version
iOS mobile version
Android version.


  1. thanks for this Sentinel :) thanks for spreading the word about these webpages because my god these things are annoying! yeah you guys are right it's just horse crap because if you were to just close the browser everything works just fine and besides if I had an actual virus wouldn't my antivirus notify me...... from my desktop? xD

    1. Exactly Renee πŸ˜„ But don't tell them that. Don't give them any ideas. πŸ™Š

  2. How about this one then - the main FLAC link for Tool 10,000 Days goes to
    Avast stops it and reports it as Phishing URL.
    The mirror links to but it goes nowhere...

    1. Avast always treats Adfly links and other link shrinkers as Phishing and as Malware. This is why. Because of these scams. The second link is a coinurl link. Coinurl has officially been shut down. Those links no longer work.

  3. Thanks, I haven't had problems with any other shrunken links here - only this one in my comment above. Temporarily disabled Avast and sure enough it works. All good.

    1. You're welcome love. There should be no more pop up ads on our Adfly links. If you spot one, please let us know right away.

    2. You don't have to disable Avast to download or to view Adfly. Simply put Avast in "Silent Mode" Avast will still protect you in Silent Mode, it just won't send you any notifications until you turn Silent Mode off. NEVER disable you anti-virus. Adfly itself isn't malicious but I would never recommend anyone to disable their anti-virus software, ever. 10 years working in Cyber Security has taught me otherwise. Always stay safe when you're browsing the web.

  4. I can't download anything from this site anymore. If I click a link in Firefox, it takes me to some shitty AdFly page and tells me I have to enable notifications to continue - no way am I doing that. The same thing happens if I use Chrome.

    If I try and open the same link in IE or Edge, I get an AdFly page with a countdown, but when the countdown hits 0 and I hit the continue button it doesn't take me to the MEGA page.

    Sometimes I get fake virus messages playing, telling me my computer is infected, and I have to close my browser via Task Manager.

    This site used to be good. Now it's just pushing malware and scams on users.

    1. Sigma, all of these issues are addressed in detail in the following sections, "FAQS" & "Feed The Fish"

      FAQ section:

      - Screenshot:

      Feed The Fish section:

      - Screenshot:

      As far as Adfly asking you to enable notifications.That is not required nor has it ever been to pass the skip ad page. Everything Joe said is pretty much right on the money. As far as the virus links are concerned, it would be nice if you could leave the information Joe has mentioned as well as what version of Windows you are using so I can get to work on finding it.

      - Enable notification screenshot:

      - This is what is important after clicking Skip Ad

    2. This is the AdFly screen I get in Firefox and Chrome: -

      That's when I click on the FLAC link on this page: -

      There is nothing I can do other than enable notifications. Even your FAQ that you're linking to says that I must click allow!

      In IE and Edge, I get a different screen. One where a countdown counts down from 5 to 0, then when it hits 0 a skip button appears, but when I click that it doesn't take me to MEGA, nor does it take me to that screen I mentioned above, so I can't do shit.

      AdFly is dog shit. Your use of it has ruined this site. It pushes malware on to people via its ads sometimes. It causes fake virus alerts to pop up sometimes - you're even warning people about this, so you know it sucks but you don't care. You're asking people to enable notifications for random sites that AdFly pushes on people. Fuck that noise.

    3. We've always used Adfly. If our site is or was "ruined" than it was ruined from day one back in 2015. Also, that screen is harmless. All you have to do is click allow and you'll pass straight to the Mega page.

      That blue screen is the reason why the pop up pages and various other tabs loading within the browser after clicking "Skip Ad" have disappeared. There were far more Microsoft Tech Scam pages that loaded because of those Po-Ups. The blue screen is harmless. It's part of Adfly and not part of a malware or virus page or scam.

      Adfly doesn't push Malware or any other kind of viruses on your PC.They are all scams that require YOU to initiate the scam, not the other way around. If you really were infected, your Anit-Virus or Windows Defender would have notified you via the desktop, not through the browser.

      We are not asking anyone to notify notifications for random sites. That's not how this feature works. If you're alike all of the people who download from this page, you don't save any cookies on your browser so what notifications will you receive? None. End of story.

      "It causes fake virus alerts to pop up sometimes - you're even warning people about this, so you know it sucks but you don't care"

      Excuse me, Sigma? I DO FUCKING CARE! Why else you do think I have dedicated all of my free time to eliminating various tech scams from the adfly links? Why else would I have even wasted my time in making a "Feed The Fish" section showing all of the Scam pages I have found and reported to Adlfy if I didn't care? Why the fuck would I have even bothered in wasting my time publishing and trying to educate all of the new visitors that may have fallen prey to such tech scam links if I didn't care?

      Would you rather have us go "premium" and charge you 20 dollars a month instead? Yes Adfly is dog shit but everyone who has read the FAQ's has reported no such problems after following the instructions. They've reported no such infections from supposed random sites that appear after clicking "allow" and before you say that we delete all of those comments, we don't I would have erased yours if that was case. Don't ever insult all of the time I have put into this site ever again. I'm not Lass and I don't care about being your friend. I wanted to infect your PC, I would have done it already and without crappy Adfly.

    4. "We are not asking anyone to notify notifications for random sites. That's not how this feature works."

      It's exactly how it works. What do you think the image I linked you to is showing? It's telling me that I have to enable notifications for a site in order to continue.

      If you select "Never allow", it reloads the page and changes the link it's asking you to allow notifications for so that it can try and force the same shit on you every time you say no. This is a seriously scummy practice, but then you know this as you even admit the service is "dog shit" yourself.

      AdFly used to just display an ad (which most people blocked anyway), there'd be a 5 second countdown, then you'd hit continue and it would take you to the link you wanted. I had no objections to it.

      Now it detects ad-blockers and tells you you have to disable them. It tries to get you to enable notifications for weird URLs, changing the URL each time and reloading the page when you say "no" - something that is particularly shitty, especially as you can't even access the link you want without enabling these notifications. It pushes malware and scams on people via its ads.

      As for your denial that it pushes malware, your own screenshots show that it does. "Pushing malware" doesn't mean that it infects a user's PC without some action on their part, but the fact that it even pushes dodgy EXE file and browser extension downloads on people should be enough for anyone not to want to expose their users to it.

    5. Oh, and as for this: -

      "Would you rather have us go "premium" and charge you 20 dollars a month instead?"

      AdFly pays you a few dollars per 1,000 clicks.

      Oh, and here's info about the notifications you're telling users to accept: -

      Look at the screenshot I posted: -

      Note the URL that you're telling me I should accept notifications from.

      And I'm fully aware that you can go into the list of allowed sites and remove any that you no longer want to get notifications from, but the fact that you're telling users to accept this crap in the first place is what's bullshit, especially as you say this: -

      "We're dedicated to giving you the best experience possible when browsing our site."

      While also saying this: -

      "Yes Adfly is dog shit....."

    6. Here you go Sigma. Show me where everything you just said happened on my machine. Show me all of the malware that was installed immediately after after I clicked on skip allow as well as all of the other malicious activities that supposedly would happen if one were to click skip allow. I have Avast and Windows Defender protecting my PC. Show me in the video where the 2 programs go insane because of all of the malware. You took all of the information that we provided and dumped all over it./ None of what you said happens at all when you click "allow" on the blue screen. Agaiin, I fi wanted to infect your PC, I would have just ran a drive b y download as soon as you entered the website rather than using Adfly. As far as the pay out rates are concerned, 85 pe4rcetn of out traffic is from the U.S. U.K. and the European union. We do ok.


    7. Adfly is dog shit because of all the tech scam pages that get passed through the Adfly filters.The unfortunate reality is that the scammers pay for actual ad space. Adfly claims they check the ads prior and they do run malware installers but the reality is, the pages aren't malware. What they literally are are websites with an image loaded onto it. The scammers using code provided via HTML and JavaScript to lock one browser completes the illusion that the PC is infected. Again, if they were legitimate malware, your antivirus, via the DESKTOP, would have notified you, not your browser.

      It's quite easy to make a scam page like that. All you need is a domain, the images that you will use to load the scam and the codes via HTML and JavaScript to freeze the browser and buying Adfly Space. That's it. There is no real malware involved here man.

      Clicking on "allow" doesn't open the flood gates to a malware/virus hell. It doesn't work that way. The blue screen and the Microsoft tech scams are 2 different things. One is a scam and the other is an Adfly feature. That's all. If you refuse to believe us, that's ok. Your comments will remain on here regardless.

    8. Here's what happens when I click on that Frankie Cutlass link in Firefox (the same thing happens in Chrome): -

      There's nothing on the page at all except the message telling me I have to allow notifications and as you can see, each time I hit "Never allow" the page refreshes, the URL slightly changes, and it tries to get me to accept them again. There's no countdown. There's no continue button. What you see in that clip is all there is.

      I'm not allowing notifications from a site that's known to spam users with ads.

      Here's what happens when I use IE (the same thing happens in Edge): -

      Even though it says "MEGA" on the tab, it's clearly not loading the MEGA website and no matter how many times I click that "Skip ad" button, it's always the same.

      Do you think I'd be complaining if it actually worked and I could get to the link? I've tried 4 different browsers and it doesn't work in any of them.

    9. All you have to do is click "allow" 1 time. Just once. Afterwards, it will just load like in my video. It's not loading because you are not allowing notifications. If you are using Fire Fox, you won't receive any notifications. In my video, did you see any? Did you see any other form of spam and malicious activities afterwards. No. That's what I'm trying to get you to understand. I'm saying there is nothing to worry about. All link shrinking services are listed on Malwarebytes forum because of Tech Scam links.

      Listen, no one on this website has ever reported any spam or malicious activity after clicking on "allow" They have reported fake virus links appearing, they have even reported the blue screen not loading but they have NEVER reported any of your fears after clicking on "allow" It's your choice. You already saw what happened in my video. The ball is in your court. I can't force you to do anything.

      I'm already looking for the tech scam page but I cannot find it. It doesn't load when ever I click the FLAC link. That's the problem, it's hard to find them.

    10. While we're still on the subject of the fake virus page that loads sometimes, I still really would like to know what page it is. The scam page itself, not the link. In other words, does it look like any of the pages that have been published in the "Feed The Fish" section?

    11. "All you have to do is click "allow" 1 time. Just once."

      I'm not allowing notifications for sites that are known to spam users with ads. Sites that are specifically listed on malware removal websites as being dodgy.

      I don't care if I only have to do it once, or if I can go into the list of allowed sites and remove that one. That's not the point. The point is that you are using a site that you KNOW does all of this dodgy shit, yet you continue to use it.

      Those tech support scammers rely on people using shit like AdFly to drive traffic to their bullshit websites and "support" lines so that they can try and scam people. I totally appreciate that you report this stuff when you find it, but at the same time, you continue to use the service that's helping to feed them. Just in clicking on that Frankie Cutlass link several times in different browsers I had a tech scam think come up twice, telling me that my computer has been locked and I have to call some number to unlock it. I know it's bullshit. I'm not going to fall for a scam or click on a link and run some EXE file, but again - that's not the point.

      Anyway I'm not going round in circles about this. Good luck with your site.

    12. If you honestly think that we are helping these scammers by using Adfly, then yes, you don't belong here. All of the hours I spent hours reporting techs scams and shutting down tech scam web pages by sending reports to their domain providers suggests otherwise. You have the answer. I gave the answer. I showed you the answer. I can't do anymore for you. Getting some of the pages shut down is helping the scammers? Fine. I give up. I can't do any more for you. I' here trying to find it and this the thanks I get. I appreciate it. Thanks a lot. Your comments will stay on this site.

  5. Joe The ShowMarch 14, 2019

    Fam, they always used adfly and when you dont have to click notifications, that blue screen that appears after adfly can be passed by clicking allow. What's hard about that? I dont have problems downloading. Yeah sometimes the blue page after skip ad hangs but just reload it. As far as fake malware, you have to let them know about that. Read feed the fish menu. The site is still good homie. I download just fine. I also use fire fox and I dont have problems getting past anything.

  6. They're using a site that forces people to enable spam notifications in order to proceed (which they are advising people to do!), pushes fake virus warning scams on users (which they fully admit!), and pushes malware too (one of the screenshots they show on here shows a malware Chrome extension being pushed).

    It shows a complete disregard for user security just so they can make a few pennies a month.

    1. Thank you Sigma. Your ass is grass now. Leave and enjoy yourself elsewhere.

    2. Sentinel, I stand behind you but please do continue your work with these tech scams. Don't get discouraged, now. Sigma, the blue screen is not an installer. It's just a screen and nothing more. We don't push the ads either nor HAVE WE EVER TOLD ANYONE TO INSTALL ANYTHING THEY SEE ON ADFLY. It sounds to me like you're having quite the day there, pal. Set the filters to publish all of his comments Sentinel. We have nothing to hide. Cheers.

  7. I've used this site for a while and have never had any problems. Keep up the great work.